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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Public Relations: The Next 50 Years

Recently, the editorial team at O'Dwyer's approached a group of PR industry veterans and asked them to contribute articles, tributes and comments regarding the approaching 50th anniversary of the PR industry publication family.

Though the years are ticking by, I surely didn't have first-hand insight into the O'Dwyer Newsletter's
first decades. But I have been in the journalism industry (briefly) and PR for nearly 35 years. That's long enough to have watched the profession -- and the O'Dwyer editorial franchise -- change and expand.

In my guest article, featured in the O'Dwyer's July 2018 50th Anniversary Magazine,  I wrote about my personal interactions with publisher and editor Jack O'Dwyer. The article went on to look at changes over the past 50 years in public relations, and then, through the thoughts of some industry experts and friends, it took a look at what the next 50 years might bring.

The Feintuch team welcomes your reaction to those forecasts and opens the pages of our blog to your own thoughts and forecasts -- script a paragraph or a column and send it over.

Let's all meet up in another 50 years and see how we did!