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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Queuing up For Business

In our fifth month of business, we finally gave birth.

Our "child" -- Quu (

The back story: When building the platform for Feintuch Communications, we decided we were going to go far broader than simply delivering smart PR. We were going to look at clients and prospects holistically and understand their full range of needs -- including advertising, search, marketing, business development, investor relations, funding, partnerships -- the works (See our April 6 post: The Best of Times, The Worst of Times). Then, if it made sense, we would offer a range of value-added services (plus PR). As an entrepreneurially oriented firm, we're prepared to roll-up our sleeves and work to create a lasting client relationship.

We met Quu in the fourth quarter of 2008. CEO Joe Harb had developed a great technology platform for the radio advertising industry but lacked cash, focus and an insider's seat. We took Quu on as our first incubated client, providing business and marketing counsel and introductions to radio, advertising and market research industry insiders. I was given a seat on Quu's advisory board. We created introductions to various entities with access to needed capital.

And as this vortex of activity accelerated in the past two months, Quu completed its beta test of its technology with Sandusy Radio in Seattle. We prepared a release (, contacted the media, and this Monday, we delivered.

Starting with a story in key trade Radio and Records written by Kevin Peterson ( and with numerous additional stories starting to emerge ( and and, Quu's phone has been ringing off the hook.

Meetings have been scheduled with radio and TV station groups, contracts have been sent out and requests for information have come in from around the country including Oregon, Florida, Chicago and as far away as Australia.

As Quu prepares to close its next funding round, we're preparing to go to work for the company full-time as its marketing, PR and business counsel. We are proud parents knowing we have helped deliver an exciting business opportunity for our client and proof of concept for our own strategic relations firm.

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  1. Congrats Henry and team! Must be fun talking to the radio trades again!!