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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Toto, we're not in Ohio anymore

If you asked me a year ago what I would be doing after graduation, I can guarantee my answer would not have been working for an award-winning public relations firm on Park Avenue in New York City. But here I am: Feintuch Communications’ latest team member and account coordinator.
My personalized graduation cap: eyes on the prize!

Midwestern born and bred, my transition from graduation to the working world was a little bit more intense than some. Only three weeks after crossing the stage to receive my diploma I hopped on a plane to move 700 miles away from home and join the workforce.

An official Ohio University graduate 
My first week at Feintuch Communications has been a whirlwind of experience that only shows promise for what more is to come. Walking in on my first day, I felt armed with as much information as I could get. As all millennials do, I completed the pre-first-date ritual of social media stalking: actively scouring the company’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, blog and any outlet I could find.

Within an hour, I was briefed on a handful of clients spanning all types of industries. I felt like a kid in a candy store. You mean I get to work with all of these clients? Not just one? Of course I have to mention the cherry on top of my first day that confirmed my place as a real professional… receiving my very own business cards.

My second day proved there was no slowing down in this industry. After a shortened work day, I headed over to the Mandarin Oriental for the annual PRSA-NY Big Apple Awards gala. I could hardly believe, on my second day of work, I was mingling with the best of the best of the New York PR scene. The night was perfectly capped off as I cheered on my new team when they received not one, but two Big Apple Awards and an honorable mention.

My view flying into New York from Ohio
In such a short time, I have already begun to see the promise and opportunities available to me as an account coordinator. Though not every work day so far has been followed by a black-tie optional gala, I’ve come to love seeing what each day brings as I learn more about the clients, the company and the industry.

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