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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Remembering Carol Friend

May 2, 2010

Mr. Peter Walker
PIELLE Consulting Ltd.
Museum House
London WC1A PL
United Kingdom

Dear Peter:

I hope this note finds you well and rested after Thursday's memorial service for our friend and partner, Carol Friend. Given our extra long layover in Paris due to the Icelandic volcano, it was impossible to sneak out of the U.S. again for Carol's memorial service.

But I wanted to send this note to you, and perhaps ask for you to share it with her mum, Ida, and family, so that I can express my feelings and respect for someone I considered an extraordinary human being, professional and friend.

I've only come to know Carol well since the early 2000s (my loss) through involvement in ECP Global. We quickly became close colleagues, allies and collaborators on a host of business issues. Her counsel was always wise, her wry humor omniprescent and her pragmatic approach to solving problems and getting to the finish line a strong comfort. I treasure the time we worked together on Octal, emoze and other common clients.

Carol was both a deep individual/thinker as well as a humane person. She volunteered her time and energy and always operated with a strong ethical compass. I learned to trust her and treasure her advice.

I personally looked forward to our shopping expeditions in many world capitals and the joy she found when we went to the Woodbury Commons outlet mall in New York together after she bounced back from a round of surgery. She took particular glee in finding some Anne Fontaine blouses at outrageously low American prices.
As much a sense of loss that I feel here, I can only imagine the one you feel after working, sweating and laughing together with Carol as your business partner for more than 30 years. My thoughts and prayers continue for you, your staff and your clients, to Ida Friend and the rest of the family.

Despite our sadness, I hope that you all take solace in the fact that the public relations industry on both sides of the Atlantic, is a better institution due to Carol Friend. We will miss her, remember her and cherish our times together.


Henry Feintuch
Feintuch Communications &
Director, ECP Global Communication


  1. Carol was a great mentor and an all-around amazing individual - she will be missed.

  2. I am so sorry to hear of Carol's passing. Henry, thank you again for making the introduction a few autumns ago. Though I only met Carol briefly, our fantastic conversation still rings in my ears.

  3. In reading this at the start of my day having no other knowledge of this woman I feel compelled by what Henry has written of her. I can only begin to glean what this must feel like to those who were closely connected to her personally and professionally. I can though feel from what was written that she was extraordinary ways which defined her in life and left her mark for ever on people and on the future. May she be remembered and rest in peace. Sending love and kind thoughts to her family, friends and colleagues.

  4. Hi, I worked with Carol as an intern way back in 2008 until Jan 09 and I was surprised to learn of her death. She was very kind, loving, wise and strong woman who gave me my first break in PR and I will be forever thankful to her.
    The last time I saw her was Jan 2010 when I returned to London in the hopes of finding work (got my 2 yr employment pass). She was her jolly, bubbly self and never would have suspected anything wrong with her as I gave her a box of Pastillas de Leche.