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Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Father's Trading Technology Day?

Every June financial services executives are faced with the same question: What do I love more, my father or trading technology?

Not exactly a Buddhist Koan, but still a serious quandary …

Oddly, the SIFMA Technology Management Show, one of the financial technology industry's largest trade conferences, always happens right around Father's Day. How am I supposed to enjoy grilling petite filets with my dad when the 12 editors and analysts I've strong-armed into meeting with my clients the next week could mutiny at any moment and boycott my appointments for a cuter, more persistent PR practitioner or an event with better food?

This year, we hosted a joint event for one of our clients, Marketcetera, and the New York Stock Exchange at the Peninsula Hotel. Surely an 85 Dollar Bento box with lobster, steak and mini chocolate pot de crème’s should be good for a journalist or four?

Another client, Tervela, dazzled show-goers with their newest product, showcased topless (i.e. under museum-quality plexi-glass) so curious prospects, writers and analysts could see the bits and bobs inside. A civilized tactic compared to the kind of toplessness that often goes along with trade shows in male-dominated industries.

Although the show was smaller than usual given the fact that Wall Street hasn’t emerged yet from its smoking crater, it was still an excellent time to connect with colleagues, hear about new technologies and meet with the editors and analysts - all of whom kept their appointments :)

And, this year, as he has done for the last fifteen, my dad forgave my pre-occupation during our Father’s Day BBQ and accepted my early departure to get back to the office and prepare.

Editor’s note to SIFMA: don’t ever try moving the show up a month and scheduling it around Mother’s Day. They will not go as quietly!

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  1. Maybe because the technology is identical with men, this event is being held around the father’s day. I’m hoping to come to this event next year. I’ll bet that there will be lots of new technology there.